Dienstag, 9. April 2013

sometimes i'd like to puch some people in the face ... with a chair - and some kakacards :)

Not much to say, just that it can be very annoying to sit in a room with people who need some lessons regarding their mannors. For some of them it's just a waste of time and money.

Regarding another matter, there are also some people who can't see talent and effort and if they can't compare, they can't value work done by others. So they need the excact same base to be able to tell, if you've done a good job or have done more than anybody else. Sad to see that those people, telling you that they can't rate your work (on which you've sitten HOURS) because it's simply not the same base as everyone else did, and so you need to do it again, instead of counting the effort of the creator who did just an amazing job.
Not to mention that the one who is critizising your work as "could have been done by anyone" is not! able to get something nearly as good as this specific work.

No german translation today again, i'm not totally not in the mood for it :(
(if you've read it, thank you, if you're interested, i could tell you more, but i won't give any more details, as it wouldn't be fair for the people i am talking about. :) )

thank you for reading... something nice for today... kakaocards :)
a few which where a present for christmas and i didn't had the time (and patience) to start them :)
So some are missing. And they need inking... but i think i can finish them this week :D (the inking at least i mean XD)

(if you find mistakes - i know there are, as i'm far away from perfect englisch speaking and writing :P - you'll get a cookie and can keep them ^^)

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