Freitag, 1. März 2013


So many things to do atm. Not that anyone is forcing myself to do so, but it's just too much fun to work on something and to be creative and also productive. Atm i'm into 3d again. Mostly texturing stuff, and turning some character into 3d. (yes with hair and clothes and probs, and maybe with animation too ;) )
During the time inbetween i'm sketching like hell. (no produktdesign, i want to finish that story, since 2009 and never had the chance to do so)
For Easter i will finish the easter bunnys i kind of started last year :)
So anyone who wanted to have one, drop me a line, and i will count you in.
I've also some older stuff to show you. Presents i made for christmas, some crafts, Starting from february a post will be dealing with the february glossybox (and this time a real review ;) ) My 2nd sewn dress, and i will also sew a new infinity dress. I allways wanted to try that, and i allready got some nice fabric for it. And let's see what else i will find to write about.

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