Donnerstag, 24. Januar 2013


Finally finished my bachelor presentation. So now i'm back, and have much more time to do other stuff <3 Get some sleep back and clean my workplace, which mutate into a total mess of fabric, paper and other materials.
I have some photos to share of a few diy stuffs. Maybe i will do a diy post :) Lets see.
I managed to sew my 2nd Dress. Even though it was just for test. But no i'm in love with another idea and also have the fabrics (3 diff kinds of colors. you never know)
So the next project will shown too (maybe with some how to do pics too :) )
I also finished 3 new Bowties. Anyone interested?
I kind of like to sew them. They are pretty easy, and you can now also change the size of them so they fit mostly any necksize :)
For Easter there are also new Rabbits in production (i got the fabric and so)
And i still have saved the people who wanted one :)  And this time i'll manage to get them ready to get shipped.

BTW.  i changed the settings, so everyone who isn't registered at blogger/google & co can comment if they like :)  Feel free to share your thoughts. <3 <3 <3

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