Montag, 29. Oktober 2012

day 6 - GW2 I Akt 3 of the Halloweenevent

Since yesterday the 3rd Part of the Guild Wars Halloween event was released. The Mad King destroyed the Lionstatue in Lion's Arch and all are challenged to defeat him.
Nice cinematic, the bad thing about is, the bugs that accured after that event XD
You could'nt enter the realm where the Mad King was with you group, and challenging him alone was'nt possible for an around lvl 40 char. Na... Sad that this seems the only event in this akt 3 :/
Hopefully the last one will be a bit better.

Due to lags and possible disco's, i could'nt make so many screen like i wanted to :/

waiting for the event, what will happen?
*cutescene* HolyS*** the Mad King destroyed the Lions Statue
he is big ...

entered the Realm, and why the hack am i alone >_<'

Something i just realised when i wanted to craft some basic stuff, that the pictures of the jobs changed :)
You can also fight against those kind of CandyCorn monster. They look so funny and cute XD

scary faced moon and a little candy corn mob

So But not it's time to get working again :)

computermouse sketches, different forms (except the 3rd XD)

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