Montag, 20. August 2012

stockings and an alien

atm i don't have much time to draw, and could'nt manage to upload new sketches (but sooooon ^^b)
So... i love stockings :D  Also knittet stockings, even though they are rare to find (at least good looking ones) Even in Sommer i like to wear them. Can't stand running half naked trough the streets. 25°C is not hot, so wearing just hotpants and a top seems to me like a "take me" message.
Everyone can wear what they like, and yes it looks nice on a good proportioned girl if she's wearing something like that.

detailed stockings :D <3

This weekend MD was kind of EMPTY. All birds flew out it seemed. Or they where attending the SWM sommerkino or where swimming somewhere at the lake in the North of the city.
Still in the evening the cinema was pretty full. At last Prometheus aired as a 2D movie ( and no 3D for real movies until it's developed further. It's just wasted money o_O  Keep it for Animation films and Games)

So i watched Prometheus (finally, wanted to see it allready last week) And i like it, still it's nothing compared to Alien/s
The Beginning was pretty awesome. And the End was pretty... i dunno what to think of it, without spoilering too much. Fassbender played his role best i'd say. His role David is a cyborg and he played him very well. There where some moments where you knew the result of some actions.
Prometheus ist not a Prequel to Alien (and even if it would, there would be so much time until A1)
still it's a good film with much potential i'd say. The Effekts where good and the settings and Designs where just plain awesome <3
Also the weyland industries website looks like a real industrial website ;)  They put so much effort in it, and giving background information which i really really apprechiate as those detailwork pushes the whole movie too.

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