Donnerstag, 26. Juli 2012


it's warm.. gueeezzz.... to warm x_x don't wanna move just an ounce...
And on top of that, my ankle is hurting. Great the ankle i destroyed while falling down the stairs in hilarys house in Minatou-ku. I just hope it will get better and i don't need to see a doctor :/
It's nearly 4 years ago (so long allready D: ) so it should be ok by now (or totally destroyed XD )

a not finished sketch site (there is still space XD)


  1. ich liebe solche skizzenblätter =)

    1. <3 :) mag skizzenseiten auch sehr gern. Hab ja momentan leider nicht die Zeit um iwas wirklich fertig zu machen :/


Thank you for your comment, it's much appreciated <3