Freitag, 27. Juli 2012

Glossybox June

Since the July Glossybox is on its way, here a short review.

-Nailpolish: nice peachpink tone. Still i'm too lazy for Nailpolish (did'nt checked the "Nail" option though)
-Tiroler Nussoel: Sunoil. Smells quite good, didn't used it until now
-Cartier Parfum: Againa Parfum which smells just great (and didn't checked parfum neither)
-EyeShadow: that much will last for ages. Nice color, not too bright
-Iobella Face Clean Blanket: nice idea. Really. It really cleans the face, stil i want to test it with heavier makeup (which i'm not wearing during summer, and also rarely during winter XD )

On top of that i got a Glossybox bag
All in all a good box i think.

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