Mittwoch, 20. Juni 2012

Glossybox May

Because the next Glossybox is coming out soon, i just wanted to use the time, to just show a glimps of the last month box. Again, nothing inside, i totally dislike. Still satisfied with Glossybox :)

Again a parfume (even though i didn't checked it in the "what you like to have" questions) 
Cucumber face lotion which i think i won't use it, bc i'm not sure of the ingredients inside :/ Need to check it up. In this box there where 2 presents from glossybox. One "magazine" and one glossyboxbrush. Quite nice, still i think this brush is a bit stiff and hard :/  
I don't know if it's of a good quality, but if i use brushes for powder, i prefer soft ones.

Still all in all nothing to complain about :) 

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