Freitag, 8. Juni 2012

The DB and a test of mobile blogging

The inet connection in the DB is pretty terrible most of te time.
And why do they offer a way to buy your ticket mobile when you cant really enter the DB app ina decent time.
Am i wrong assuming this is for the clients, who didn't manage to buy a ticket on a counter (bc there where too many people waiting in line) and want to buy one while they are waiting for or entering the train in this moment? (not to mention that often the ticket in the train can be more expensive if you have a controle person with a bad mood...)
Still nice weather and view :)

I just see i cant really post with pictures from webacc... Hnmm. I will just add them later :)

somewhere between berlin and brandenburg

some stuff from my sketchbook.
working on those kind of practise while riding the train to and from work :)

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