Samstag, 12. Mai 2012

EVE online

I tried the 14 days trial for eve online and, i really like the gameconcept and esp. the look <3
Sadly i don't have time to play it, but i'd like to share some screens i made while playing :)

The first great thing i recognized was the character customization. You can change the look like ya want. A bit sad that there are just a few differend jewlery stuff, still i totally like the look.
So here some screens from the character creation :)
Flying trough the univers is really nice, all those lightning

allready changed the body, working on her face
not sooo many good hairstyles i liked, but those short

the part you are working on is lightening up when you hove over it
with your mouse.... that looked so freekin awesome XD

finished face, didn't freaked out with tattoos aso
(there are also "natural" eyecolors... like greenbluegrey with a bit of brown 8D )

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