Samstag, 10. Dezember 2011

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Today i had a wonderful (and also special) day with Oujisama. ♥
We visited Festung Mark and it was pretty nice :) Sweet little selfmade stuff. Felt and metal necklaces and earrings. You could also buy an occarina (they where really cute). There was also someone who sold Christmastreejewels made of wood, which where lasercuted. The wood was too soft, so you had not really goodlooking burnt edges :(  It reminded me a bit of my stuff i'm making for my project, but those are'nt christmastreestuff, but general "darkage" inspired pattern. And the main objects will be felt/wood magnets and coasters :)  (even though i saw some cheap lasercut coaster with an elk in Rewe XD)  But now i know that i should use darker and stronger wood to avoid such an unpleasent look ^^

Until now they didn't finished my order, so i can't show them to our next presentation. But i hope i will get them next week.
Btw. I finally got one MooFrame :3  I didn't unraveld it, it's still in it's package at home.

Soooo i couldn't upload any pictures i made yesterday (some are still on my phone, so no good quality) But i hope i can do so tomorrow :)

So therefor, here some old renderings from an older project, which was called "Stadtbeton"
It's an pretty "easy" form, so that you can use those objects as an seat&table AND as a rack :) I wanted my furniture to have more then just one use. They are made out of ferroconcrete. Those furniture can be used Inside and Outside, and also at a motorwaystation or schoolyard. They are easy to clean :)

cover for the presentation

shape A
shape B

shape C (final form, + cleaning & produktion)
Can be used as one, or combine them to a kind of bench :)
rack possibility A
rack possibility B

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