Sonntag, 4. Dezember 2011

6 days left - advent - lineage 2

Happy 2nd advent everyone :)

today there won't be cookies and plaetzchen, but delicious bratäpfel (is there an english for O.o?)  The last one i ate when i was very young and i remember it didn't tastet good at all XD
But the one i ate yesterday  (and will eat today) will be .. yummi :) 

We couldn't buy any mandeln, so thats why we took hazelchunks. With a bit of honey and white chocolate it was really nice. So today the same for the 2nd advent :)

Another theme:
Lineage 2
Now its free to play, and i allready dislike it. The interface doesn't makes sense, when there are no new face and hair customization available. And that evey new player starts with EVERYONE else on Talking Island is just a joke o_O 
I know the first time i started L2. It was on a freeserver, so there where'nt  so many people, but still it had such a nice feeling, that every race has it's own homecountry and different quest where to start ♥ Even after
changing to the official server L2 didn't lost it's charme (not in the beginning, not during the first few chronicles) It was enough just to walk trough Aden withough keeping so much on getting the highest level in the shortest amoung of time.
And now? i logg in and seeing douzens of player, orcs, dwarves, (d)elves, humans and kamaels that i don't even get a few mobs to kill o_O  It's feels like on a freeshard. Crowded with kiddies who are just annoying and spamming the Shoutchat and don't know how to be polite and to play in an mmo, bc they just know WoW.  
It was the worst decision of NC to make Lineage 2 freeshard. They have lost so many gamer who played L2 since the (nearly beginning) and now they are counting on those kiddies, which will spent all their pocketmoney on buying NCcoins to buy some new awesome "free" bonus items. So there it is again. If u have money and are willing to spend it on virtual! Items (which can be deleted with no problem) u can make it to lvl 80 i bet in 2 weeks (we needed more then a year to get to 70 °___°  btw... i didn't played that "effective" like other, but it was a great time and it was fun too)
Sad sad development... L2 seems to be dead... just give the crowd what the crowd wants.

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