Donnerstag, 8. Dezember 2011

2 - cakepops

Trying to cover cakepops with chocolate was a pretty dumb idea. I added too much butter as it seems, so the chocolate was melting the butter inside and the whole think went down (i don't have lollypopshafts yet, so i took toothpicks instead XD)
I also tried a new mold i bought some time ago, but geeez... i don't like plastic molds :(
I wanted to use those to make formed small cakes for Oujisama, but afterwards, i could'nt get them out of the plastic mold ^^;  Siliconmolds are much much better for that :)
So i formed them with hands. Sadly i can't make pictures atm (just with my phone, but they are'nt good ^^;)
What kind of worked, immediatly putting them in the freezer.
Still i need to pracice covering with chocolate a lot more ^^;


The stuff on the pic will hopefully deliverd this week :)  Even though just some out of felt, that was expensive enough c,c'

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