Montag, 28. November 2011

pattern, jewelry and souvenir stuff

Some stuff for my project. Nothing finished, just some visualisations. The materials i'll use will be Felt, Wood, Kork and Acrylic (something similar to acrylic... it's more plastic ^^)
I'm doing a serie of different souvenier things, bc just jewelry seems to less to me :/
A pattern is used for jewlery (ring, earring, necklace and bracelet, maybe hairpins and stuff) the same pattern (or a part of it) will then be used for magnets (combining felt, wood, kork and acrylic in different ways) and coasters. The material will be lasercut (lascuttet trough and just the first layer, so that its kind of milled ^^)
There are different kind of patterns (easy and detailed ones) but they all fit well together so the familycharacter is seeable.

no special renderings... just some trys :)  Hope i will get my materials latest next week D:
atm they all have the same pattern (yes even the ring ;)  ), but so you can see they could be different objects (with different thickness).

ring with pattern (plastic)
earring/necklace (wood, lasercut)

coaster (wood, lasercut)
coaster (felt, lasercut or pinched)

maybe a korbchip (lasercut, metal) is possible
felt (and/or wood) magnet

Here something different, nothing to do with my project. It will be part of a card, i think ^^  But it's not finished yet. This week i also need to finish the christmas calender for Oujisama :3

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